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Everyone knows that 2020 was a hard year……in fact there are tragic cases where Australians and New Zealanders paid with their lives.
Amongst all the changes were the Harris customers , employees and users of our products trying to survive and come out the other side.
Harris factories in Europe and USA were impacted by the government restrictions i.e. closures  imposed on them and their suppliers.
In USA, we lost our Technical Manager Doug Perry to the virus. An amazing guy, one of the few that would have made a good Aussie ( Smart & Funny).
We felt their pain in a number of ways, in particular, the lead times for the product became longer.
Sea freights are taking 4 > 6 weeks longer and air freights take weeks not days.
Here in Australia & New Zealand we were subjected to the virus but not on the same scale.
Our strategy was to reduce lead times. Yet, when we changed shipping methods from sea  > air we were hit with costs 75% more than the normal rate.
Supply lines are starting to improve, slower then would be ideal but heading in the right direction.
At this time I would personally like to give a big “Thank you” to the Australian and New Zealand employees. Their genuine concern and passion to help our distributors help us get though 2020.
In fact, it was  a “local vaccine” against the damage of Covid virus.
Our distributors have been understanding and remain committed to the brand a credit to them.
The calibre of the people involved has been the success story and the lesson out of this crisis.
Working together and understanding the big picture helps us all improve.
We now know,  how important family/friends/ relationships are to our own well being and the inter connection of the  business world from which we earn our life style.

Stay safe

D Chadkirk & C Rankin

Harris Products Group Australia & New Zealand

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Harris Australia is part of the Harris worldwide team, reputed to be the oldest gas equipment manufacturer, with production starting in 1905.

Today, you’ll find the Harris name on gas equipment that sets the standards for design, performance, safety and quality… whether cutting and welding or accurately delivering oxygen to a patient in intensive care. Harris is truly a world-class company. Its products are now sold in over 80 countries worldwide and manufactured in state of the art factories in the United States, Italy, Ireland and Australia.

All our collective energy goes into producing a quality product. Compare the Harris product and you will know immediately that Harris is the real value leader in gas equipment. ‘Simply a better buy!’

The story goes further. The benefits for you are supported by our distributor network. Our distributors comprehensively understand the product and know how to provide productivity gains and lower costs for users of gas equipment. Harris distributors are solving problems and helping end-users become more efficient every day. Our ‘know how’ can be a valuable ally for your business.

A Harris distributor is nearby, stocks the product you need and has the expertise to advise and arrange an on-site demonstration.